Today’s aerospace, defense and manufacturing products and services are more complex, especially when being developed or assembled by different teams from across the globe. DSLP Consulting has the experience and we have shown many times our ability to optimally organize, direct, and manage these teams and their interactions, dependencies, and priorities during any projects. Recent in reduction in defense spending has largely caused by concerns over waste. The decline in spending has caused reductions in hiring meaning a decline in new employees who would have gained the experience needed in the field. This could l lead to gaps for many years to come, in the interim DSLP has specially trained and experienced project managers available in all areas.
We have very talented, well-educated, highly motivated, and appropriately experienced defense aerospace science and engineering work force.

⦁ More than 15 years of experience in project management.
⦁ Related experience within the aerospace commercial and/or defense sector.
⦁ Strong knowledge in assembly/test manufacturing environment.
⦁ Knowledge and experience with Lean Manufacturing.
⦁ Accountable for the planning, directing, and execution of projects.
⦁ Responsible to direct a project team to achieve project deliverables, including contractual and business objectives while ensuring customer satisfaction and QDRC.
⦁ Coordinate, lead, and drive multiple projects of high complexity or multiple sub-projects.
⦁ Lead and present project updates for management reviews, provide written updates, and status reports.
⦁ Drive risk management process.
⦁ Drives schedule performance to meet commitment dates.
⦁ Coordinate project activity with internal leaders and customers.
⦁ Strong participation in strategic planning/profit planning processes.
⦁ Accountable for scope change management, with internal leadership and customers.
⦁ Evaluate and drive implementation and maintenance of appropriate project management tools.
⦁ Expertise with project management tools, including MS Project, Work Breakdown Structure, Azure DevOps.
⦁ Strong knowledge of production planning, customer relationship management and contracts management.
⦁ Strong knowledge of strategic sourcing principles and supplier relationship management.
⦁ Excellent professional acumen, and effective written and verbal communication skills.

We are experienced engineering consultants who are recognized for our bold leadership, thoughtful analytics, and innovative solution development. You can count on us to provide quality work in every project we handle, no matter how big or small. We work tirelessly to not only help launch your company into the sky, but to keep it there.

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