We are an engineering consultancy serving clients in the aerospace, aviation, defense, life science, and manufacturing industries. Our extensive knowledge and years of experience in the field guarantee the right solutions for your project every time you hire us. You can always count on our professional team for proven and reliable solutions that help your company succeed.

Our extensive experience in the consultancy industry only confirms our solid resolve. DSLP has worked as project management consultants for numerous companies. We have also worked as program management consultants and technical project managers; we have everything you need to make your projects successful. When you let us work for you, you will land among the stars.

We are experienced engineering consultants who are recognized for our bold leadership, thoughtful analytics, and innovative solution development. You can count on us to provide quality work in every project we handle, no matter how big or small. We work tirelessly to not only help launch your company into the sky, but to keep it there.

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