Lease Technology

General Management Consulting on Lease Technology

Our consulting ceam support DSLP Properties LLC and other clients in commercial real estate leasing.

DSLP consulting team creates vision and manages the intake process for product strategy as well as a roadmap for lease systems, working with key clients to deliver its mission to maximize the potential for success.

DSLP  consulting team manages the requirement to avoid and minimize common risk in lease administration. Such risks  vb.include:

  1. Delayed or inaccurate payments

Ensure that your lease management software has tools to facilitate accurate payments

  1. Compliance issues

ASC 842 requires that nearly all leases are included on a balance sheet.

Integrating company accounting software with company lease information is essential when it comes to maintaining compliance.

  1. Missed critical dates

Using directly integrated data software, automated notifications alert us to lease expirations, renewals, real estate taxes, common area reconciliation, sublease payments, and property insurance charges.

  1. Outdated data

All lease information is integrated with one tool that updates daily.

  1. Undue time spent on manual processing

Lease management technology is the best way to streamline, simplify, and automate labor-intensive lease administration tasks. This information can even be integrated with your financials and analytics.

  1. Missed opportunities to save

Lease administration technology facilitates the accurate management and reporting of your recurring transactions.

Leasing can lower the barrier to entry for expensive equipment that could provide additional revenue.

DSLP Lease Technology team supports customers in all the development and execution of effective and accurate business plans, budgets, forecasts, and analysis of cost, price, profitability, and productivity.

DSLP Lease Technology team manages all elements of lease technology tools, applications, and vendor contracts. We are responsible for creating and managing programs that meet the needs and requirements of the real estate and accounting clients in lease administration. We develop the lease administration program roadmap, intake and prioritization, rollout and change management, enhancements, and regulatory compliance processes.

We have successfully delivered large-scale, cross-functional programs, and we have experience with executive stakeholder management as well as wide-scale written program management communications. Using data and metrics, we have defined program requirements to determine improvements so that we never stop growing—meaning you never stop growing. 

Additional Responsibilities

  • Define lease product requirements with PMT and TPM teams, using documents based on domain knowledge of the specific target customers
  • Identify new opportunities with system/process gaps to innovate on behalf of our customers


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